Information about SideShare

How it works

How it works

SideShare is an easy to use platform via website and mobile devices that is simple to use.

How it works for a Lender:
Step 1 - Take a picture of the item you want to rent
Step 2 - Post a New Listing, add a price per day, total estimated value of the product,  add pictures, and availability of the item.
Note: All this information can be edited at any time.
Step 3 - Share on SideShare, facebook, instagram, and/or twitter.

How it works for a Borrower:
Step 1 - Search for the item you are looking to rent
Step 2 - Message the Lender to discuss a price you agree on, and a meeting place to make the swap and return when finished.
Step 3 - Rent the item and pay on

Borrower should always have the money ready to pay the full estimated value of the product in case the item is damaged or lost. 

That's all there is to it.  Post it, rent it, and enjoy!